Hamilton Architecture T-Shirts by Graham McNally

Hamilton is a proud city! We love our small town feel, our ambition, and our grit. And in the background of life in the city, are the buildings of Hamilton. Buildings that are as unique as the city itself. In fact, we think they're so great, that you should wear them!

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What to do when the steel mills close? by graham@toms-mcnally.ca

Toms + McNally Intern Architect Chrissy Taylor recently wrote an excellent article considering the future of Hamilton's Industrial Waterfront which appeared in May's edition of Urbanicity. Hamilton's industrial lands present an amazing opportunity to the City and Chrissy has some great thoughts on what they could become! Check it out below or find a hard copy at amazing locations around Hamilton!

Construction is underway! by graham@toms-mcnally.ca

Toms + McNally has a number of projects currently under construction. As framing is wrapping up, we thought we'd share a couple photos.

This modest renovation is replacing the back of a house that is on the edge of an urban forest. The walls are now in place and the views of the forest framed by the house are better than we could have hoped for!


Tactical Urbanism Hamilton wins an award at CNU22 in Buffalo by graham@toms-mcnally.ca

Philip and Graham attended the Congress for the New Urbanism convention in Buffalo in early June. They were there to accept a Charter Award for the Tactical Urbanism initiative undertaken by the Hamilton Burlington Society of Architects in collaboration with the Street Plans Collaborative with support from the OAA.

An inspiring few days in a beautiful City.