Hamilton Architecture T-Shirts / by Graham McNally

Hamilton is a proud city! We love our small town feel, our ambition, and our grit. And in the background of life in the city, are the buildings of Hamilton. Buildings that are as unique as the city itself. In fact, we think they're so great, that you should wear them!

We're launching a series of screen printed t-shirts featuring buildings or scenes that celebrate our City and it's Architecture. 

T+M Shirts - 'The Lister Block'

The first building up is the Lister Block. Commissioned by Joseph Lister and designed by the architectural firm B.H. Prack, it was built by Pigott Construction Company in 1923. The building had a ground and second level retail arcade with four storeys of offices above. When the last tenant moved out of the building in 1995, the building fell victim to years of neglect. Slated for demolition in 2005, the building was put back into the public eye and was put on Heritage Canada's list of the top ten endangered heritage properties in Canada. 

Also in 2006, a community working group was formed to consider the future of the Lister. With extensive damage, it was an immense undertaking to restore the building. Construction began in 2009 and finished in 2011. It is now home to the several department's of the City of Hamilton.

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For more info on the Lister Block, check out these sources: 
     Lister Building Heritage Report, available on the City of Hamilton's website (PDF
     Heritage Magazine "Hamilton Landmark Glows Again" 2011 (PDF)